Medihill® trademark is always the guarantee of the highest quality and service

We have been continuously striving for innovations and improvements. Our relentless focus on the highest quality, latest technologies and outstanding service had earned us many loyal customers. Our cost-effective operations have been evidently reflected on the prices of our goods


Medihill is not your regular medical monitoring provider

We do not stop at the emergency situations. We are helping our consumers to proactively and intelligently watch over their health and wellbeing anywhere and anytime.  In the expanding Telehealth market, we will be your guide to the most sophisticated Healthcare using unprecedented technologies.

  • Our core values will always be to serve consumers by providing equipment and communication to qualified help.

  • Our greatest reward is when we are told that our systems saved someone's life.

  • Our biggest achievement is our team of professionals who not only master our business, but deeply care about helping others.

We understand that our customers rely on Medihill’s products for supporting their health and performing their daily activities. We intensely concentrate on making our products affordable and available for everyone who needs to use them. Our focus is on the patient’s health, safety and comfort. We take a big pride in helping people to alleviate suffering and making their lives more comfortable at the period of sickness or disability.

Why Purchase Medical Alert Devices from Medihill?
  • Monitoring

    Our monitoring centers are dedicated to giving you peace of mind with the latest technology to serve you.

  • Cost

    Nationwide lowest monthly cost for 24/7 live assistance. Available quarterly and annual subscriptions for instant savings

  • Equipment

    With the push of a single button, our medical alert devices place calls to trained professionals for help whenever you need assistance, any time, day or night

  • Service

    We will walk an extra mile to help every user to feel safe and protected with us. Our goal at Medihill is to make every customer satisfied with our products and services.

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Tim Smith - Florence, SC

I’m in my mid-20s, but my seizures make it hard for me at times. I turned to Medihill’s Home alert system and I’m really happy. Now, I feel like I don’t have to rely on my family as much and I’m looking to move into a place of my own soon.

Jack Ortiz - Boise, ID

We were struggling to find a way to help my aging father because my husband and I both work full time. It wasn’t possible for either one of us to quit our jobs to become round-the-clock caregivers and my dad didn’t want to go into a nursing home. Finding out about Medihill’s Fall Detection options was a relief. My dad doesn’t feel like he’s a burden to anyone and we know that he can get help right away if we’re not around.

Dianna Martin - Tuscon, AZ

Every senior citizen should check out Medihill.

Fay Scott - Orlando, FL

I signed up with Medihill and I absolutely love it. I love their products and features. I’m a 74 year old woman who lives alone and never have I felt so safe the way I do now with their system.

Clay Turner - Aurora, CO

I’m no spring chicken, but I didn’t want to give up traveling. The portable alert device I bought from Medihill lets me hit the road worry free.

Hadea King - Chester, PA

My mother has this company and we love their services. If anytime she needs their help they are there at a push of a button. Really fast(timely) service.