About Us

Medihill has been founded in 2010 with headquarters located in Philadelphia, PA. Our mission since day one was to provide reliable, effective and affordable medical equipment to the people who have limited abilities but still want to live independent and amazing life. During past years we have designed, developed and manufactured different types medical equipment. We had distributed our products worldwide and Medihill® trademark is always the guarantee of greatest quality and service. Medihill has been continuously striving for innovations and improvements. Our relentless focus on the highest quality, latest technologies and outstanding service had earned us many loyal customers. Our cost effective operations have been evidently reflected on the prices of our goods. We understand that our customers rely on Medihill’s products for supporting their health and performing their daily activities. We intensely concentrate on making our products affordable and available for everyone who needs to use them. No matter how big our company grows, our main focus is on the patient’s health, safety and comfort. We take a big pride in helping people to alleviate suffering and making their lives more comfortable at the period of sickness or disability.

Medihill has been constantly growing and enhancing our products and services. In the past years, we have transformed from a simple medical equipment products to health monitoring systems with unprecedented technologies. We have moved from a small office to an advanced operations facility. Our goal will be always to serve a consumer by providing equipment and connections to qualified help. Our biggest achievement is our team of professionals who not only master our business, but deeply care about helping others.  Our biggest rewards is when we are told that our systems saved someone’s life. We always welcome new customers and partners who share our views.