Medihill Medical Alerts


What is Medical Alert System?

Medical Alert system AKA Personal Emergency Response System(PERS) is a console that has a “Help” button. Once you push this button you will get connected to our live operator who will assess your emergency and call for help.

How Medihill Medical Alerts work?

In-Home PERS connects you to our operators and then we send help to your home address that is registered for your system. Portable PERS also connects you to our operators and then we send help to your exact location provided by the GPS technology.

How do I talk to the operator?

You will speak through two-way voice communication system that is built-in into your medical alert.

How long does it take to connect to an operator?

Medihill is using the latest communication technologies and only with us you get connected in seconds.

Can I use my Medical Alert at Night?

Yes, our highly trained operators are available 24/7 every day including weekends and holydays.

If I push the button will the operator immediately call for help?

No, first we will try to determine your emergency by calling your number or contact anyone you choose. If you do not answer, then we will send emergency unit to your location right away.

How will the operator know who I am?

Your Medical Alert System will be programed to your Name, Phone Number and Address. Once you push “Help” button from your device, our operator will receive this information and be able to send for help.

How will the operator know where I am?

For Home PERS we will use the address that you have provided. For portable PERS we will use GPS technology to find your exact location.

What if my personal information changes?

If your personal information (Phone, Address, Contacts e.t.) has changed, please, notify our Customer Service promptly at 1.855.633.4445 or contact@medihill.com to update our systems. Otherwise, we might not be able to properly direct assistance to you in case of emergency.

Can operator contact my family?

Yes, you can set up a list of people to contact if you activate the alert. Our operator can call, text message or email to anyone you choose.

What happens if I pushed “Help” button by accident?

Wait until you get connected to an operator. Tell that you are OK and do not need help.



Is there a long-term contract?

No, you can choose month-to-month payments without long term contract. Although we suggest you considering a longer term contract and get better rates, free shipping and other free gifts.

What is the cancellation procedure?

If you would like to cancel the service for any reason, call our customer service. We will stop monitoring your system and provide you RMA number for returning the equipment. Once, we receive the equipment in working condition and original packaging there will be no cancellation fees. See more details Shipments and Returns.

Do you accept insurance?

Yes, we accept some insurances and Medicaid/Medicare. The request for reimbursement will need to come directly from the provider or case manager.

Are there any senior organization discounts?

Please, call 1.855.633.4445 or email sales@medihill.com to find if your senior organization membership is qualified for a discount.

Are there any hidden fees?

No, you pay only for the monthly service you have signed up for.

Can my fees change?

Your monthly fees will never change unless you want to upgrade/downgrade your service.

Will I get charged more if I press the button often?

Absolutely not. Our only goal is to keep you safe. You monthly fee will not change

Is there a trial period?

Yes, you can return the equipment within two weeks for full refund


Do I need to get another Landline just for medical alert?

No, our PERS will use your existing landline.

Do I need a Phone Line for using Medihill In-Home medical alert?

No, our units can work independently. If you choose the cellular service, then you will not need to have a landline or any other phone connection.

Will my Medihill In-Home PERS work with any landline phone service?

Our landline service will NOT work with Vonage. In that case you can order Medihill In-Home PERS with cellular service or Portable unit.

Does Medihill offer service in my area?

Medihill provides service nationwide. If you have either a landline or cellular AT&T / T-Mobile coverage in your area.

Should I test my equipment regularly?

Every week we send silent test to our systems to make sure they work properly. Also, you can activate your alert at least once a month to test. Once connected, tell our operator that you are just testing.

How can I wear a pendant?

Our In-Home PERS comes standard with a pendant that you can wear as a necklace or a bracelet.

What is the battery life of a pendant?

Usually it is about 5 years. Test your pendant regularly and if it does not work we will replace it at no charge.

What will happen if I lose electrical power?

Our In-Home PERS has 24 hours backup battery so you will be covered for one day.

Will someone be able to see my location with portable PERS?

Yes, you can assign people to see your location or get it by text message with Medihill Portable PERS. Contact our sales department 1.855.633.4445 or sales@medihill.com for discovering the optimized equipment and service for your needs.

Who owns the equipment?

Medihill provides the equipment free of charge for the term of the subscription service. It must be returned to avoid $200 replacement fees. See details in Shipments and Returns.


Does the Medihill Medical Alert System come with a warranty?

Your medical alert base station and pendant are both protected under a warranty with Medihill if the issue occurred because of normal “wear and tear,” or manufacturer defect, we will replace it at no cost.

However, the system is not protected if it is damaged beyond our control. (e.q. water damage, power surge, is dropped and breaks, etc.)

Can I purchase an extended warranty for the Medihill Personal Alert System?

For both our in-home and portable models, you may purchase our Protection Plan which includes a surge protector to keep your unit safe from power surges that may occur during electrical storms. This warranty also includes a one-time replacement of either device if damage were to occur and saves you from having to pay up to $200 for a replacement. Once the replacement is issued the warranty is void and you have the option of purchasing a new warranty.


Call us at 1-855-633-4445 or email sales@medihill.com for more information about Medihill Medical Alerts.