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Medihill is the National Provider of Personal Emergency Response Systems and Health Monitoring Services. Our systems work everywhere within a landline, cellular or just Wi-Fi signals and we have been serving customers all over United States since 2010. Our sophisticated monitoring systems have been the best solutions available for handling personal emergency responses. But that is just a part of what we do. With unprecedented telehealth technologies we can utilize our systems for providing invaluable data about your patients. It is almost impossible to have caregivers to be with all your patients all day every day. Imagine if, just by logging to our portal from anywhere, you can see that your patient has a high blood pressure, did not have a meal today or caregiver missed a visit and so on. You will be able to proactively respond to your patients that need it the most. Not only you will provide a better care for your patients, but your cost will drop significantly.

Nowadays, you can order medical alerts from numerous resellers. Just remember, if you need to have more functionality and ability to add more in the future, Medihill is your only solution! We always think about the future. Become our partner today and get ahead of your competition. Our partners already include Healthcare Facilities, Support Coordination Agencies, Managed Care Agencies, Home Care Providers, Doctors and Insurance Companies.

Contact us for more details. Please, email to and specify your company name, address and approximate annual number of patients. We would be glad to discuss our medical alerts with you and how we can become one-stop solution for your patients.