Custom Home Care

Medihill Custom Home Care solution introduces a new and scalable next-generation Personal Emergency Response System (PERS). This solution integrates with home control sensors to create a smart home personal security and safety ecosystem with options to suit any customer who wants the best tools for independent living. The hub combines information from sensory devices like carbon monoxide and smoke detectors along with motion, door-window sensors, and more. Our Medihill Custom Home Care solution also includes alerts from wireless personal emergency sensors and wearables in a single PERS console for seniors or others who need support while living alone. Plus, enhanced lightweight wearables and an upgradeable ecosystem ensure that the Medihill Custom Home Care product suite will keep homes protected. Assistance is just a discreet button push away with the included Personal Help Button Pendant and automatic alerts will summon help through home sensors in case of either a fall or fire or any emergency. Set up an individualized monitoring solution for anyone based on personal needs.  Monitor activities, movements, health, visits, and much more. We provide the option to receive all responses and upgrades directly through the system. Explore the most state-of-the-art technologies and advanced equipment. Call 1.855.633.4445 for a professional consultation.

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